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Here’s the best 5 places A must visit in Italy

Attracting, exotic and enchanting: these are three adjectives that perfectly define Italy. From the Alps to the Apennines, from the white sandy beaches of the South to the green valleys of the North, the peninsula marvels at the diversity of its landscapes. But more than visiting it, you have to live Italy… Better than a hotel room, renting a place to stay will allow you to immerse yourself completely in the transalpine culture and to live like a local. Here is our small selection of the country’s must-sees.

The Gallura, the north of Sardinia

Its island status, its very marked culture and its so particular reliefs make of Sardinia a world apart… The north-east of the island, called the Gallura, is a succession of white sand beaches and creeks with turquoise waters. The Costa Smeralda, on the other hand, is the den of the international jet set. Despite the general confusion as summer approaches, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island is Porto Cervo. Very popular with Italians, it is very crowded and it is often difficult to find a cheap hotel, so think about private accommodation for your stay!

Ischia, pearl of the Gulf of Naples

Because Capri is over, it’s time to discover the discreet and sublime Ischia! Italians praise it for the curative virtues of its water: the island has hundreds of springs and hot pools all year round. Of volcanic origin, Ischia is an island bubbling in the depths… Because in everyday life, it is the opposite of its Neapolitan neighbor, noisy and agitated! Here, rest and relaxation are the order of the day: it is the ideal seaside resort to rent your accommodation while enjoying the proximity of the Amalfi coast.

Naples and the Amalfi Coast, treasures of the South
Excessive yet so endearing, Naples can be discovered at the rhythm of its inhabitants. It is they, with their legendary smile, who will show you the treasures of their city with its unique history and especially the best pizza shops! Remember that this dish was born here! From Naples, you can also consider a trip to the Amalfi Coast. From Sorrento to Salerno, a narrow and winding road will lead you from village to village, under an ever present sun. One of the most beautiful European road-trips, for sure!

Florence, city-museum
How to introduce the Tuscan capital, cradle of the Renaissance? The fascination it exerts on the whole world is unequalled. Stendhal himself, moved by so many beauties, felt a disorder defined today as the “traveler’s syndrome”: acceleration of the heart rate and uneasiness in front of an overload of artistic perfections. Built by the greatest, Florence is a city-museum where it is good to stay to discover, day and night, its Ponte Vecchio or its Duomo.

The Aeolian Islands, a heavenly archipelago

These seven islands off the coast of Sicily are the most precious satellite of Italy. Of volcanic origin, they are true wonders: impressive sea beds, transparent waters, volcanic beach… Everything is there for you to relax! If you have an adventurous soul, Stromboli is the place to be. After climbing its volcano, you can admire, at nightfall, a majestic eruption. Staying on one of the Aeolian Islands, preferably Lipari, will allow you to visit the archipelago easily thanks to the numerous maritime connections.

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