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10 Destinations where tourists aren’t really welcome anymore

The holidays are fast approaching. it is time to relax and luxuriate in the sun. Plans are flying thick and fast. Whether it is a family holiday, a vacation with friends, or a romantic getaway, many of us has already begun to make plans to go to beautiful places. per annum, thousands of individuals attend to discover spectacular, beautiful, and unique places around the world. Unfortunately, for various reasons, a number of these destinations should be avoided at this point. So, what are these places, and why are you not welcome there?

Find out with Raspberry Red where tourists are not any longer welcome.

Boracay Island

This famous island is found in the Philippines. it’s home to beautiful beaches and resorts. Unfortunately, visits need to be limited now because the authorities want to stay the island clean.

That’s why it had been closed for 6 months in 2018 for cleaning. they need also introduced a limit on the amount of individuals visiting the island.


Bhutan may be a country in Asia. it’s known for its monasteries, especially the Taktshang monastery located on the cliffs. However, so as to preserve the environment and therefore the local way of life, Bhutan has found out some rules among which are the very fact that foreigners need to pay daily taxes and also the requirement to book their trip through an approved agency for authorization to enter the country.


Greece has been a dream destination in recent years. With its beautiful islands, Greece has welcomed many tourists for an extended time. But Greece wants to limit the influx of cruise ships to the island of Santorini. Therefore the authorities have taken some measures since 2017 to scale back the quota for cruise passengers from 12,000 to 8,000 per day.


The beautiful Italian city is one of the foremost romantic cities in the world. it’s the right destination for a romantic holiday. except for a while now the town has taken some measures to prevent the flight of inhabitants and avoid the destruction of the lagoon and therefore the heritage.

Mont Blan

Located between France and Italy, Mont Blanc may be a natural masterpiece. Considered one of the very best peaks on the continent, Mont Blanc receives many visitors annually, including mountaineers. so as to stop accidents and incivilities, a permit is going to be required from this summer onwards to climb.

The Wave

In order to preserve this impressive rock formation between Utah and Arizona, measures are taken. one of the measures taken is to limit the number of tourists to twenty per day by means of a draw.


This impressive glacier welcomes thousands of tourists per annum. However, the country wants to guard this natural environment, which is already threatened by heating. That’s why the authorities confirm that land excursions are kept to a minimum.

Galapagos Islands

This Ecuadorian archipelago may be a real tourist haven. it’s the right destination for impressive discoveries. It welcomes thousands of tourists per annum. But to conserve the island’s biodiversity, rules are put in situ. for a few years now, the authorities are demanding taxes.

Easter Island

Located in Chile, Easter Island welcomes about 110,000 tourists per annum. so as to scale back the quantity of waste on the island, the authorities have limited the amount of visiting days since 2018. additionally, visitors are required to point out their return flight tickets.


The Spanish Catalan city wants to ensure the peace and quiet of its inhabitants. albeit it receives many visitors per annum, it’s limited access to the Boqueria market. Visits are only available on Fridays and Saturdays and in small groups.

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