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Tips to offer volume to your fine hair

Is your hair flat and does it tend to re-grease too quickly? Then you almost certainly have fine hair. It needs more volume and structure. inspect our practical tips to offer your fine hair more life and volume.

Change the side parting
Changing the side parting may be a quick thanks to change your head and obtain volume with zero effort. Use a toothbrush for a touch crimping of the parting, then put it on the other side.

Curlers are your friend
Separate two or three sections at the crown of your head and roll all abreast of a curler. Blow-dry your hair and leave it to chill for 10 minutes. Remove and elegance together with your fingers.

Style your hair together with your head tilted forward
Create volume by drying your hair the wrong way up . Make the quantity last on your hair with an appropriate styling product.

Don’t overuse conditioner
Moisturise your hair but not the roots. Apply moisturising products like conditioner, nourishing oils and hair masks to the lengths and ends only.

Cut your hair
The longer fine hair is, the flatter it’s . choose mid-length and short cuts with a couple of layers for added texture and volume.

Don’t wash it too often
Fine hair tends to be greasy, which is why it is a good idea to scrub it a day , but this only makes things worse because the scalp produces more and more sebum when it’s stressed. this is often a vicious circle. Choose a light , sulphate-free shampoo and use a dry shampoo (which also adds volume) between washes.

Let your hair air dry
As often as possible, give your hair an opportunity by letting it air dry without heat. After the shower, brush and wrap your hair with a towel. Make a braid or macaroons and roll in the hay it. once you awaken, you will have volume and waves to die for!

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