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Natural and healthier alternatives to sweets

We all have a appetite . However, it’s been shown time and time again that this addiction are often very addictive and harmful. This doesn’t mean that you simply should eliminate all sorts of sweets from your life, but rather that you simply should learn to form the proper choice. So here are some healthier alternatives to the standard sweets to enjoys without getting fat or harming yourself.


Honey rather than white sugar:
If you would like your sugar fix but don’t need to use white sugar, there are other healthier options. the foremost recommended option is honey.

Honey is that the ideal natural sweetener to mix fewer calories and slightly of sweetness. additionally , its viscosity and richness means it’ll be consumed carefully , leading to half the calories to be consumed. Honey is additionally rich in energy, antioxidants, potassium and contains B-complex vitamin and iron. It also acts as a booster for the system because of its antiseptic action.

Sweets and chocolate

Dried fruit rather than candy:
Sweets are everyone’s guilty pleasure. However, this tiny pleasure has its consequences: cavities, cardiovascular diseases, migraine‚Ķ that’s why it might be better to exchange sweets by edible fruit . edible fruit is rich in fibre and is simply as sweet as industrial sweets, except that edible fruit is healthier, for example:

  • Dried apricots are rich in vitamin A , fibre, vitamins B3, B5, C and K. they assist intestinal transit, reduce the danger of carcinoma and strengthen the circulatory system .
  • Sultanas are rich in trace elements, vitamins and fibre. they’re also good for the gastrointestinal system and therefore the systema nervosum .
  • Prunes are rich in nutrients and fibre. they’re natural appetite suppressants and good digestive aids.
  • Dates are a reliable source of energy. they’re rich in fibre, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and proteins. they’re the right remedy for fatigue and even reduce the pain of childbirth.

Dark chocolate rather than milk or white chocolate:
Who could do without milk chocolate? nobody could! But you’ll choose a more sensible option by choosing bittersweet chocolate . bittersweet chocolate is rich in magnesium and contains antioxidants that keep your body energised and improve your mood. It also helps your brain and systema nervosum to function properly.


Jelly beans or marshmallows rather than cake:
Yes, it’s possible to substitute jelly beans for cake. It seems that jelly beans and marshmallows contain much less fat than cake. Jelly beans contain many vitamins and detoxify the body. The gelatine pectin in jelly beans helps to strengthen nails, hair and joints.

Hazelnuts rather than biscuits:
Biscuits are often eaten as a snack or at breakfast. However, they’re filled with sugar and chemicals generally . Therefore, a more natural and sugar-free substitute should be used if possible. the simplest substitute during this case is hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts belong to the family of nuts and oilseeds. they’re rich in manganese, copper, vitamin E, protein and good fats. they’re antioxidant and have several health benefits: they strengthen the system and fight against disorder and cholesterol. Eight hazelnuts each day will act as an ideal suppressant and assist you control your weight with none difficulty.

Ice cream rather than a muffin:
It’s true that it’s surprising to exchange one sweet treat with another, but it are often explained. Unlike a muffin, when eating frozen dessert , the body has got to warm up so as to start out digesting the frozen dessert later. it’s therefore better to eat 70 g of frozen dessert without additives than a muffin.


Whole fruit rather than industrial fruit juice:
Industrial fruit juices are drinks filled with chemicals. They contain little or no fruit and nutrients, and are far too sweet. it’s therefore preferable to exchange them with whole fruit. they’re rich in vitamins and fibre. they’re perfect for rejuvenating your body and doing good for your figure.

Now you’ll indulge your appetite with none hang-ups, just by making the proper choice!

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