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How to remove permanent hair from your mustache and fuzz with flour

We’ll do anything to stop unsightly hair growth on certain parts of the body. this is often particularly true for the face, where removing hair may be a painful and tedious experience. And counting on the hair removal method you select (razor, tweezers, depilatory cream, hot or cold wax strips, threading…), you’ll need to return thereto fairly often … Fortunately, hair removal with pulsed light during a salon or with hot wax in an esthetician’s office aren’t the sole long-lasting techniques for long-term hair removal. However, you’ll also try permanent hair removal from the mustache and downy hair with flour. this is often a very simple recipe to form and almost painless.

Chickpea flour (or wheat flour)


How does permanent facial hair removal with flour work?

  1. Place two tablespoons of flour during a bowl.
  2. Then add a touch water and blend .
  3. Spread your preparation over the world to be waxed, massaging carefully where the hair always grows back: upper lip, jaw… Then leave to dry for about ten minutes.
  4. Rub the dried paste together with your hand to get rid of the hair, then rinse your face.

After waxing, remember to use a soothing cream to appease the sensitive areas of your face. Also, avoid exfoliating for a couple of days afterwards to avoid irritation, burns and redness within the treated areas. And there’s no got to do one before permanent hair removal with flour to avoid ingrown hairs, because there’s little risk for this area and it can sensitize the skin. Of course, you will have to repeat this permanent hair removal with flour several times to realize impeccable results. Soft skin is guaranteed without expensive laser hair removal and dark hairs quickly become very discreet before disappearing forever!

If this recipe doesn’t suit you, especially for sensitive skin, you’ll also make a natural depilatory cream and other home recipes to get rid of facial hair. it’s also possible to easily bleach your unwanted hair with lemon and honey.

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