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Giving leftovers to your dog: is this a good or bad idea?

Giving your dog leftovers is the maximum amount fun for you because it is for him. But is it an honest idea? Unsurprisingly, using your pet as a table scraps bin isn’t in the least good for his health or education. However, once you see his adorable little eyes begging for a treat, it’s hard to resist! Besides, after all, we’ve all known a doggie who ate everything and was healthy. However, let’s not forget that each one animals react differently which deviations can have serious consequences for them. So, here are all the explanations to carry on and stop giving your dog your leftover food… for his own good!

1) watch out for bones!
In the popular imagination, bones and dogs go hand in hand. However, actually , most bones are often very dangerous, especially large raw beef or pork bones. The marrow bone can totally disrupt his digestion. additionally , some bones are very sharp and brittle, like chicken, rabbit or mutton bones. As for cooked bones, they’re brittle and may crumble very easily when eaten. a bit like bones for cats, there’s a risk that pieces will stick in your pets’ alimentary canal . this might cause an emergency visit to the closest vet.

So it is vital to believe the benefit-risk ratio! If your pet features a good diet, he won’t need it. And for his dental hygiene, whether at the Maxizoo expert or at any online shop , you’ll find industrial bones or dental sticks within the treats section.

2) Our leftover food isn’t good for the dog
Today, dogs are increasingly susceptible to obesity and every one the “little deviations” have tons to try to to with it. Our food is just too salty, sweet and caloric for dogs. this is often totally out of line with their natural nutritional needs. for instance , one lump of sugar for a ten kg poodle is like 7 lumps of sugar for an adult human. As for the tiny dry butter biscuit you give your poodle at snack time, it’s the energy equivalent of two hamburgers for a human! Furthermore, the foods that structure the dishes we eat a day not only make dogs fat, but also cause numerous digestive disorders and illnesses (diarrhoea, vomiting, gastrointestinal disorder , diabetes, etc.).

Here are some foods that aren’t recommended (some are even fatal):

-Lactose from cow’s milk, alcohol and caffeine
-The family of onions, garlic, shallots, leeks…
-Chocolate (its theobromine is extremely toxic)
-Raw potatoes (a poison) or maybe cooked potatoes
-Sultanas and dried fruits (cashew nuts and macadamia nuts are particularly toxic)
-Egg white
-Mushrooms and certain fruits and vegetables (apricot, avocado, cherry, plum, grape…)
-Sweets and sweets like meat

3) an issue of education too
Of course, health issues are the most reason to avoid giving your dog leftovers. However, this practice also can have an influence on his behaviour. Baited by these treats that are so different from his kibble, he may start to clamour for them. Some dogs develop aggressive attitudes once they beg. this is often particularly unpleasant once you have guests over. Mealtime may be a time to relax and an insistent dog jumping on the children’s lap to urge “his share” may be a real problem. And if they get what they need , our dogs quickly develop bad habits and undesirable behaviour! Don’t accept any deviations: treats should be used for educational purposes first and foremost. for his or her health, don’t abuse them.

There are other ways than food to please your dog without harming him, starting with simply twiddling with him and spending time together! this may be enough to stay him happy…

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