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9 tips and natural remedies to urge obviate flatulence

Does the buildup of gas cause you to emit numerous smelly farts and cause abdominal pain? Aerophagia isn’t usually abnormal and therefore the production of dozens of gases per day may be a sign of a normally functioning colon. Nevertheless, the belly swollen by bloating and excessive flatulence can become a nuisance (cramps…). Faced with these unpleasant sensations, here are some tips and natural remedies from grandma to manage your flatulence during a very effective and lasting way.

1) Before moving on to natural remedies, let’s remember a couple of anti-flatulence gestures

We all know that eating slowly will prevent you from taking in an excessive amount of air. additionally , it’ll facilitate the digestion of food with the assistance of saliva in order that the stomach works less. Therefore, it’s often recommended that you simply put aside a minimum of 20 minutes before your meal to chew and swallow your food properly. However, these aren’t the sole eating habits to adopt! Also remember to not drink from the bottle and to not pass food around when drinking liquids. What’s more, you should not drink through a straw or sip hot drinks.

2) Combat transit problems and stress, it’s essential!
Excessive gas is usually linked to the fermentation of food within the intestine. However, slow intestinal transit, particularly within the case of constipation, may be a source of gas that ought to not be neglected! Indeed, this provides food many time to ferment even more and thus cause more problems. you ought to therefore tackle your constipation problems head on, especially by eating 15 to twenty g of fibre daily (oat bran, etc.). As far as stress cares , you ought to know that it affects the edge of abdominal sensitivity. The intestine then becomes more sensitive during digestion. To avoid this, relaxation activities (sport, relaxation therapy, etc.) and magnesium cures, if your doctor deems them useful, are often of great help.

3) Proper cooking of risky foods to limit gas
Some foods are particularly known to cause flatulence. Of course, pulses (flageolet, beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.) and cabbage immediately come to mind. this is often generally thanks to the unabsorbed carbohydrates that encourage a high level of bacterial fermentation. However, soya, turnips, asparagus, salsify, peas, onions or shallots and artichokes also can release gas during digestion. Of course, you’ll limit them, but if you do not want to try to to without them, the simplest thing is to cook them well! to try to to this, change the water during which the vegetables are cooked several times to form them more tolerable.

4) Foods to observe out for
Apart from vegetables, there are other foods which will also promote many air within the alimentary canal . Carbonated drinks (carbonated water, soda, beer, wine , cider…) are known to try to to this. However, they’re not the sole ones! Among the foods to be limited, there are :

Liquid dairy products release tons of gas during digestion, especially just in case of lactase deficiency (yogurts and cheeses are however generally better digested). it’s also best to avoid low-fat (0%) dairy products, whose creaminess is obtained with a fiber from the artichoke, which may increase gas.
Chewing gums, especially sorbitol chewing gum
Any aerated food: meringues, sandwich bread, croissants, rusks, etc.
Wholegrain cereals (pasta, rice, etc.), semolina, and starchy foods in excessive quantities (potatoes)
Now it is time for natural remedies against flatulence!
5) Vegetable charcoal, one among the simplest natural remedies for flatulence?
Charcoal is one of those classic natural ingredients to combat flatulence. Indeed, allowing the absorption of gas and liquids, it’ll relieve the discomfort of bloating and diarrhea (especially in cases of gastroenteritis). However, its use isn’t without risk. Like ultra ventilated green clay, another gas treatment, charcoal can cause constipation over time. It should therefore only be used for a brief period of your time. additionally, care should be taken to require it outside of meals and drugs. It interferes with their bioavailability. this will be a drag with oral contraceptives and drug treatments (hypertension, diabetes, heart…). If this seems like a drag, follow the recommendation and delicate natural remedies for flatulence below!

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