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8 tips to drink more water and stay hydrated in winter and summer

Did you recognize that 70% of our bodies are made from water? a bit like oxygen, water is an important element for all times and beverage is as vital as breathing. to make sure health and well-being, it’s therefore necessary to drink a minimum of 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day . But albeit beverage may be a simple and natural gesture, few people manage to try to to it sufficiently and correctly! So here are the essential tips and tricks to assist you drink more water and hydrate yourself from the within out stupidly about it.

  1. make a part of your daily menu: divide your water and drink intake into an easy-to-follow daily routine:
  • Drink water within the morning: have an outsized glass of water on an empty stomach, followed by a hot drink at breakfast
  • At lunchtime, be happy to drink 2 or 3 glasses of water: a glass of water ½ hour before your meal, a glass of water during your meal (instead of soda) and 1 glass of water after your lunch. Whether still or carbonated, beverage with a meal hydrates and helps digestion (contrary to what’s said about this). you’ll also finish your meal with a mint or lemon balm tea, which helps digestion.
  • within the afternoon, at the office or with friends, take a “hydration” break: Why not treat yourself to the sobritish “tea time” at 5pm! Treat yourself to a fruit crush or an exotic tea with an apple or edible fruit for a healthy snack. In summer, don’t hesitate to possess sorbets or ice tea to quench your thirst.
  • within the evening: if you’ve got an aperitif planned, have a glass of water together with your glass of wine. At dinner, drink 2 glasses of water. in the dark before getting to bed, take a soothing infusion of hawthorn, passionflower or camomile or a glass of lukewarm water just before getting to bed.
  1. Keep water handy, all the time: Put alittle bottle in your bag, in your desk drawer, in your car, remembering to renew or refill them regularly.
  2. An oriental coffee: take this excellent habit from the East and perpetuated in Italian (and sometimes French) cafés: drink a glass of water together with your cup of coffee. Water quenches thirst, cleanses the palate and hydrates. If you’re an important coffee drinker, this good habit will keep you hydrated all day.
  3. Add ice cubes to your juices and smoothies: to extend your water intake stupidly about it, add 4 ice cubes to your smoothie or fresh fruit crush .
  4. to extend the feeling of thirst and lift your metabolism (thus creating a involve water), don’t hesitate to boost your dishes: add pepper, chilli, sauce , soya sauce or tabasco. this is often a subtle and attractive thanks to increase your water intake.
  5. Vary the pleasures: to avoid becoming bored of its blandness, give your water some taste and colour and let your imagination run wild. Prepare your flavoured water with :
  • Fruits and berries: apples, strawberries, oranges, lemons, kiwi, dates, raisins, prunes, rosehips, elderberries, blackberries, currants, etc.
  • Cucumber, rhubarb, ginger, cinnamon, herbs (mint, verbena, lemon balm…)
  • Don’t hesitate to equip yourself with a soda and beverage machine to place more pleasure within the bottle.
  1. Calculate your water requirements consistent with your weight: to seek out out your water requirements, the formula is as follows: 33 ml per kg/day. So, if you weigh 60 kg, you would like to drink 1980 ml (or 2 litres of water per day). to form sure you drink this amount, prepare it beforehand , or consider filling your ½ litre bottle from the fountain (at the office) as soon because it is empty.
  2. To drink more water, drink through a straw: sipping will allow you to swallow a bigger volume of water because it is simpler to use a straw than a glass or bottle. Choose eco-friendly and reusable straws made from glass, biodegradable paper or bamboo.
  3. does one realize smart bottles? If you never believe drinking, this hydration monitor (connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth) will remind you! The smart bottle helps you calculate your daily water needs, records your data to assist you improve your hydration, and sends you reminders to drink by emitting alittle light or sound alarm.

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