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7 tips for repairing damaged hair after the summer

The sun, heat, UV rays, saltwater from the ocean, chlorine from the pool, frequent washing and drying, styling products and everyone sort of excesses (dieting, sleepless nights at parties, etc.) have taken their toll on your hair. Your hair struggles to stay up together with your crazy pace during the summer holidays and finishes up rough, dry, and damaged once you return. To repair the damage to your hair and obtain back on target, here are a couple of tips to assist you to get strong, silky, healthy hair after the summer.

  1. Detoxify the scalp

For proper hair repair after the vacations , start with a detox of the irritated scalp. Use gentle, natural scrubs, avoiding chemicals (especially parabens and silicone). you’ll try homemade exfoliating treatments like a mix of a hair-nourishing oil (jojoba, coconut, argan…) with fine salt, or a mix of vegetable oil , sugar and honey. The scrub will remove dead skin and impurities. Accompany it with a green clay mask that purifies the scalp.

  1. Go natural

Take advantage of your back-to-school resolutions and therefore the repair phase of your damaged hair to travel natural. this is often the right time to start out your transition to natural and organic. Choose shampoos and care products that are freed from parabens and silicone, and consider natural hair care products that purify your hair, like vinegar rinses, bicarbonate rinses, and argan oil or shea butter-based products. These natural treatments have a natural repairing power and are richly nourishing. they’re going to nourish, moisturise and repair your damaged hair all summer long.

  1. Adopt the mask reflex

The best thanks to treat hair that’s lacking in energy and split ends is with a hair mask. Choose one that’s rich in proteins and active nourishing and moisturising agents to deeply repair the hair fibre. the perfect frequency for applying repair masks is twice every week for the primary month, once every week for subsequent month and each fortnight thereafter as a routine. you’ll make your own repair mask for dry hair (post-sun exposure) by mixing an avocado, the juice of half a lemon and a couple of spoons of honey. Spread the mask out then wrap your hair during a warm towel and leave for half-hour then rinse.

  1. Nourish your hair while you sleep

To deeply repair and nourish hair, choose nourishing treatments and overnight oil baths. Apply a mix of vegetable oil (which softens and nourishes), almond oil (which protects and soothes the irritated scalp) and shea butter. you’ll also try the copra oil , argan oil and avocado puree mask. Apply the mask or oils and wrap your hair in cling film or a cap , then during a heated towel. Sleep and wash your hair once you awaken to go away it soft and supple.

  1. stop split ends

Without sacrificing your length, all you would like to try to to is get obviate split and devitalized ends (1 or 2 centimetres is enough). The hair are going to be stronger and healthier.

  1. Make rinsing a flash of care

Bring your hair back to life and shine with a conditioning rinse. Add bicarbonate of soda , juice , rosemary tea or vinegar to your rinse water. Finish by rinsing thoroughly with cold water to shut the hair scales. squeeze out with a soft towel (or cotton t-shirt) without twisting your hair to avoid damaging or breaking it.

  1. Space out your aggressions

Avoid frequent shampooing, colouring (forget about it for a while), balayage, frequent and too hot blow-drying and therefore the straightening iron.

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