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6 toxic foods for dogs

Dogs are very pleasant pets. they have to be taken care of , especially when it involves food: kibble, fruit and vegetables, etc. There are some foods that dogs aren’t allowed to eat, as this will be dangerous. it’s therefore strongly advised to not give certain foods that would be toxic for your pets in large quantities. Here may be a list to avoid digestive problems and poisoning, or maybe an emergency appointment with the vet!

1) Dairy products
Like us, dogs are often lactose intolerant. once they are small, they will drink their milk , but afterwards, giving them dairy products are often dangerous. Therefore, care must be taken to make sure that dogs don’t suffer from nausea and vomiting.

2) Theine and caffeine
These products aren’t suitable for dogs. Indeed, they create high vital sign or abnormal heart rhythms. it’s therefore very dangerous, especially for little dogs.

3) Chocolate and sweets
Chocolate may be a very dangerous food. Whether it’s dark or white, it’ll cause high vital sign or seizures, because it features a similar effect to caffeine. it’s therefore vital to understand this, so as to not give your pet health problems. it’s also dangerous to offer dogs treats, as this will cause pancreatitis.

4) Peaches also are dangerous for dogs
Peaches are rich in vitamins, but they contain cyanide. Cyanide is involved within the transport of oxygen. As a result, the pupils become dilated and therefore the dog may have difficulty breathing. it’s therefore very dangerous to offer peaches to a dog.

5) meat and fish
First of all, raw fish can contain bacteria and parasites which will cause seizures. Although fish is rich in vitamins, it’s therefore strongly discouraged to offer it to a dog. As for meat , it’s rich in protein, but also can contain bacteria. you ought to therefore be very careful about the sort of meat you give your dog. Giving your dog leftover fat is additionally dangerous, because it can make him obese or cause pancreatitis.

6) Salt and onions: unpleasant for dogs
Salt may be a dangerous food for dogs because it can cause vomiting. an equivalent applies to onions. Whether cooked or raw, it can cause many unpleasant consequences like diarrhoea. These are two foods that ought to not tend to dogs.

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