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Why you ought to stop drinking water

In winter and summer alike, beverage is that the neatest thing you’ll do for your body: water hydrates and purifies the body, but not at any temperature! Despite the pleasant feeling of freshness and thirst that it gives you, especially in weather , drinking drinking water has many negative effects on the body.

  1. Slows down the digestion of fats and encourages their storage: never drink drinking water with meals, or maybe afterwards. In fact, additionally to hindering the digestion of nutrients, cold water solidifies ingested fats, which slows down their digestion and promotes their storage and weight gain.
  2. drinking water disrupts the guts rate: the guts rate is regulated by the vagus (the X nerve or sympathetic nerve). Stimulation of the vagus by cold water causes the guts rate to drop sharply, which may disrupt the heart’s function and cause discomfort.
  3. Outside of mealtimes, drinking water has the effect of narrowing the blood vessels, which hinders the absorption of nutrients and disrupts bowel movements. This leads to stagnation and slowing down of the gastrointestinal system , resulting in bloating and constipation.
  4. Loss of energy: the traditional blood heat is 37°, which may be a vital constant that the body maintains through its basic metabolism in spite of climatic variations outside. When drinking drinking water , the body has got to expend extra energy to manage its temperature. This unnecessary expenditure of energy can affect other processes: it slows down digestion and affects immune reactions and therefore the fight against free radicals.
  5. Nasal congestion and sore throat: once we drink water that’s too cold, the body immediately reacts by constricting the capillaries within the nose and throat, leading to an outsized secretion of mucus and congestion: the body produces fluid to warm up the cold liquid. the buildup of mucus promotes inflammation and bacterial multiplication, resulting in sore throats, ear infections and nasopharyngitis.
  6. Don’t drink cold water after sports training: Exercise raises the metabolism and blood heat . If you drink ice-cold water after sport, it’ll stress your body, disturb your gastrointestinal system and even offer you a stomach ache.
  7. drinking water can cause or aggravate certain illnesses, like triggering a headache in migraine sufferers or causing joint pain in people with rheumatism.
  8. drinking water interferes with the action of some medicines: by slowing down digestion, drinking water can delay the absorption and action of some oral medicines.

Drinking cold water is bad for your health, but that does not mean you ought to ban it completely! Drinking a glass of ice-cold water on an empty stomach within the morning, a minimum of half-hour before breakfast, helps you awaken faster and provides your body and brain energy. Otherwise, it’s better to drink water at a temperature. If you continue to prefer cold water to quench your thirst, confirm that the temperature never falls below 12°C. In this manner, you’ll enjoy its refreshing power without harming your body.

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