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The simple and effective recipe for homemade antibacterial soap

In this period of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s tons of mention hand washing. Hand washing is indeed one among the barrier gestures to fight the spread of the virus. This gesture of hygiene has always been important to counter the proliferation of germs and infectious diseases (flu, gastroenteritis…). However, we understand its importance even more today. In fact, after the recipe for homemade hydroalcoholic gel, it is time for homemade antibacterial soap! Excellent for the entire family, it respects sensitive skin and provides excellent hand cleanliness. This gentle, chemical-free anti-viral hand hygiene product is additionally very easy to form .

First of all, choose the proper natural ingredients to form your antibacterial soap!
Remember that even without triclosan (the harmful antiseptic agent utilized in commercial products), all soap is bactericidal. for several people, an easy bar of real Marseille soap is sufficient for hand washing. Indeed, this traditional soap has the advantage of being an antibacterial and antiseptic. It therefore acts as a superb disinfectant against fungi, bacteria and other micro-organisms like viruses. additionally , it’s hypoallergenic, which allows its use by the entire family. Otherwise, Aleppo soap (antiseptic and disinfectant) and black soap (purifying and disinfectant) are other pleasant soaps to use.

The addition of tea tree oil is suggested within the recipe. As oils aren’t very miscible with water, this ingredient is optional, because it is a smaller amount environmentally friendly. However, it does provide the soap with beneficial anti-infectious, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and antifungal properties. it’s simply one among the simplest anti-viral essential oils! If you create homemade soap bars, you’ll add it to require advantage of its properties.

Ingredients for homemade antibacterial soap:

  • 35 g hard soap
  • 400 ml clear water
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (or vegetable glycerine if you’ve got it)
  • 2 tablespoons of oil (or the other vegetable oil of your choice: almond for example)
  • About 10 drops of tea tree oil
  • A pump bottle (500 ml)

1) First, carefully grate your soap. Then melt it gently during a pan of water.

2) Once liquefied, remove the pan from the warmth and add the honey and oil. These ingredients will make the formula softer on your hands. this may leave them softer!

3) Then let it cool before adding the drops of tea tree oil. If you add it to the recent pan, you risk losing all its properties.

4) Everything is well incorporated? Then all you’ve got to try to to is pour your mixture into the bottle. Your product is prepared to use!

After washing, remember to use a dab of burn plant gel to your hands for extra softness. it is a great moisturizer!

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