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The seven deadly sins that ruin your beauty in winter

Cold, dry and icy air, rain… winter isn’t the foremost forgiving season for the body. But even as we adapt our lifestyle and diet to fight the cold, we must also adapt our beauty routine to stay our skin hydrated, our complexion radiant and our hair healthy. While expecting the return of the great weather, here are the seven mistakes to avoid and therefore the beauty gestures which will save your life within the face of winter’s aggressions!

Sin I: you retain an equivalent moisturiser

Big mistake! This essential skin care product must be adapted to your skin’s needs in winter. The drop by temperature, the drop by ambient humidity and therefore the icy wind dry out the skin and cause redness and tightness. you ought to therefore choose a nourishing cream that not only moisturises the skin, but also regenerates and repairs the epidermis irritated by the cold. Choose ultra-concentrated, rich and melting creams to guard the skin and nourish it thorough .

Sin II. You wear an equivalent make-up as in summer

You made a splash this summer together with your sun-kissed powder and flawless matte complexion, but in winter everything changes for your skin. you would like a moisturising and nourishing foundation because powdery foundations dry out the skin. you furthermore may got to change your lipstick. Matte lipstick is that the trend, but it can dry out your lips, which are already hard pressed by the cold. choose a classic lipstick “stick” that moisturizes, softens and plumps lips. do not forget to nourish your lips before applying makeup, which is important to stop chapping and dryness.

Sin III. You forget to require care of your hands

We tend to ditch them, hiding them in warm gloves, but the skin on our hands is extremely sensitive and requires special care in winter. Remember to moisturise them well, several times each day with an upscale , nourishing cream that restores the skin barrier weakened by the cold. Always use gloves when cleaning and avoid washing too often.

Sin IV. You shower and bathe too hot

The body’s skin suffers in winter. the nice and cozy materials we wear to stay warm irritate and dry it, and hot showers and/or baths make it even drier. To avoid this ordeal for your skin, take shorter, warm showers, use a mild , moisturising cleansing gel and always apply a moisturiser (milk, oil, cream, cosmetic butters, etc.) after the shower.

Sin V. You mistreat your hair

Do you never dry your hair after washing it? this is often another mistake. additionally to the danger of getting sick, not drying your hair exposes it to frostbite, breakage and fall out. After shampooing, rinse and dry your hair during a soft cotton towel then with a hand blower (medium heat), not within the air. Also, avoid very high temperatures and heat-smoothing plates. do not forget to use moisturising and repairing masks a minimum of once every week . Also remember to trim damaged ends.

Sin VI. You cover your hair with materials that damage it

Wearing acrylic or wool caps and bonnets is that the best thanks to find yourself with electric hair. to hide your hair in winter, double abreast of cotton or silk caps and wear a classy satin scarf under your scarf to avoid electricity from friction and weather .

Sin VII. You drink less water

It’s a incontrovertible fact that we are much less thirsty in winter than in summer, so we forget to hydrate and drink less. In winter, the cold air dries out the skin on the body, face and hands. To strengthen the skin’s defences in winter, it’s important to stay well hydrated with water, herbal teas, teas and fresh fruit crush .

Winter changes our lifestyle, our mood, but also our skin and hair. By adapting your beauty routine, even as you adapt your diet and wardrobe, you’ll make the cold season the sweetest time of the year.

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