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The one-minute rule for everything

The one-minute rule will change your life! The principle is simple: if you’ve got a task to try to do which will take you but a moment, roll in the hay directly, without putting it off.

Here’s why it works and why you ought to definitely adopt it:

The one-minute rule is typically about small tasks like hanging up your coat, making your bed, texting someone, or filling your bottle … It encourages you to try all the small belongings you postpone because they appear inconvenient.

In general, most are quite organized but there are always little things that we tend to forget or postpone. for instance, after dinner you’ll have said to yourself that you simply will do the dishes later, on the other hand, you forget and find the dishes subsequent morning for breakfast…

So take the one-minute rule into consideration and make it a part of your lifestyle. you’ll see that the majority of the tasks you thought were boring aren’t actually boring! you will be surprised what proportion you’ll accomplish in only 5 minutes!

Here are some examples:

  • once you remove the scissors to use them, put them away right after you finish.
  • Put away clean dishes when the dishwasher is finished.
  • Wipe down the kitchen or bathroom sink right after you finish using it.
  • Sort your rubbish once you put it within the bin and do not let it overflow.
  • Don’t leave your sports clothes within the backpack, take them out and hang them up to dry in order that they won’t have an odor build-up after washing.
  • Make your bed as soon as you awaken, fold the blanket and sheet, and put your pillow back on, it’ll only take a moment.
  • As soon as you are feeling thirsty fill your glass, so you’ll drink far more water than usual.
  • once you are at work, tidy your desk before you head home, wash your cup, throw away the papers… so you’ll find a tidy desk subsequent morning.

It’s not difficult, if you do not think you’ll roll in the hay, try it every week and you will see that you’re going to keep doing it… Just get started!

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