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The best natural flea repellent to possess for your pets

When you leave, your pets encounter fleas and other parasites (ticks…)! And seeing your poor furball gesticulating altogether directions to scratch frantically, it cannot be very pleasant to catch them. Remember what proportion the itching from lice drove you crazy once you were young! To rid your dog, cat, rabbit, or small rodents of the infestation of those invaders, there is no need for chemical products or pipettes with harmful substances! Instead, use this natural flea repellent. This pet pest control product is approved by Grandma who has already tested it on her beloved pets (dogs and cats). No more need for vet lotion or shampoo to treat your flea-bitten pet.

What you would like to fight fleas:
Diatomaceous earth, a top non-toxic natural insecticide and among the simplest natural flea products for our pets!

The steps to use this natural flea control:
1) like better to do the treatment outside to avoid getting it everywhere your house. we all know how complicated it are often to treat a puppy or a kitten that only cares playing…

2) Brush your pet back and forth while sprinkling diatomite everywhere the coat and trying to urge to the roots. there is no got to use tons , just be consistent and canopy the entire coat.

Avoid getting it in his eyes during application! the merchandise could also be safe, but this sensitive area won’t tolerate it.

3) Repeat the appliance every four or five days to urge good results against flea infestation. this may even be very effective against the return of harmful external parasites.

Also, consider treating your home for added effectiveness. Here too, it’ll be possible to sprinkle this natural powder. Then leave it for a couple of hours and vacuum it up thoroughly. albeit it’s effective, don’t hesitate to place a flea repellent collar on your dog. you’ll even make your own with essential oils and a bandana! Against cat fleas, no essential oils! Collars should even be avoided as they will cause accidents (strangulation, etc.). However, you’ll check your cat daily if he often goes outside.

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