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Natural remedies for ear pain

Having ear pain are often very disabling! The pain radiates everywhere and you cannot do anything. This pain are often caused by an infection or an earwax blockage. don’t hesitate to consult a doctor to work out the explanation for the pain.

However, if you’re trying to find natural remedies to ease these troublesome pains, here are some to try:

Heat or cold

A natural tip that works is to use heat or cold to appease and reduce your pain. you’ll use one temperature or alternate them for more effectiveness. to use this tip, you’ll use a bottle or just a dry bottle.

Spicy food

You can reduce the pain in your ears by eating a spicy dish! Why? just because spicy food helps to thin the mucus, thus reducing the pressure on the sensory system . However, if your stomach is sensitive to spicy food, it’s best to avoid trying this trick.


Garlic may be a food that’s used almost everywhere within the kitchen. Well, it also can be wont to treat certain ailments! This food may be a powerful natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory and may be administered in two ways:

  • either orally, i.e. you’ll got to consume one clove of raw garlic each day to treat your ailment;
  • or topically, where you infuse garlic in vegetable oil and apply the filtered oil on to your outer ear canal.

Olive oil

A natural remedy commonly used for ear pain. vegetable oil has no proven curative properties but some paediatricians recommend employing a few warm drops locally. This grandmotherly remedy can soothe discomfort.


Yes, liquorice can relieve your ear pain. consistent with studies conducted by the National Institute of Health within the us , licorice has anti-inflammatory properties.

To take advantage of those virtues, simply mix and warmth a spoonful of liquorice root and a spoonful of drawn butter (ghee). Leave the mixture to chill for five minutes then apply to the outer ear canal. Leave for quarter-hour then rinse.

Important: these remedies don’t replace a diagnosis . Consult your doctor before trying these remedies.

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