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Is your cat clawing at the sofa? Here are 3 tips to know!

You’ve just adopted a kitten and you’re keen on this tiny feline quite anything. However, like all energetic fur balls, she gets into tons of trouble. additionally, to leaving plenty of hair on your sofa after a nap, your tomcat also tends to require claw thereon. Between fur and scratches, both the cushions and therefore the fabric appears as if nothing. Since this is often a natural behavior, it’s important to stay the upholstery in good condition! Here are some strategic approaches to stop your cat from clawing at the sofa, armchair, curtains, carpet, upholstery, wallpaper, etc.

But first of all, why do cats scratch our belongings?
Cats have a natural got to scratch, particularly because they’re territorial animals. Between their paw pads, they need glands crammed with pheromones, scented substances that allow them to mark their territory. this enables it to calm itself down. It also removes the dead outer layer of its claws to take care of and sharpen them, and it allows it to stretch. The leather of the sofa can also remind him of hunting and therefore the velvet of his mother’s womb. There can also be other external causes that cause him to scratch to appease and relieve himself: boredom (lack of exercise and play), stress, moving house, adoption of other pets, frustration (empty bowl of kibble, bird taunting him behind the window, etc.).

Some solutions to a cat that claws at the sofa
1) Protect the sofa to stop the cat from scratching
There are some ways to guard your furniture. Where your cat tends to scratch, you’ll use items that are slightly sticky or which will be uncomfortable under his paws. To discourage scratching and repel him, use :

-Double-sided tape or giant anti-scratching stickers (in some pet shops or on Amazon for example)
-Aluminium foil or cellophane
-A survival blanket
-Bubble wrap
-An oilcloth tarp
-A cat scratch mat to place on the side of the sofa that the cat attacks

You can also prevent it with repellent scents. to try to to this, rub the white a part of a lemon on the sofa or sprinkle pepper.

2) Cat trees and toys to distract him
You can never stop a cat from scratching. So you would like to entertain him with toys to alleviate boredom and distract him with an enormous cat tree! you’ll make a cat tree or buy one at a shop .

A few tips:
-An inappropriate location won’t work! Place several cat trees in strategic locations. Choose the corners where he spends most of his time sleeping, very on the brink of the areas where he likes to scratch. These are the areas where he must assert his territory the foremost . this manner he can excuse steam without damaging the couch.
-If he doesn’t understand, put his paws gently on the scratching post to point out and guide him.
-Also, cats like different textures: cardboard, felt, rope, carpet, wood… Don’t hesitate to check several things to seek out what he likes. Many vertical or horizontal models have a hammock, a topographic point , niches, a comfortable perch high … Enough to form a cat happy and permit him to possess fun!
-If necessary, don’t hesitate to rub rosemary on the scratching post or spray catnip thereon . this may attract him irresistibly. He’ll soon ditch your sofa and begin clawing!

3) Try vinyl cat scratch covers
This is an honest alternative to clipping the claws! Indeed, claw covers are flexible capsules to stay on your cat’s sharp claws. they’re temporary and will get replaced after five to 6 weeks at the vet’s or groomer’s to follow the expansion of the claws. this enables your cat to measure normally and to retract its claws without pain and without the danger of damaging the furniture. However, there are advantages and drawbacks to the present very useful solution. Although very practical, even the foremost gluttonous of cats may tend to undertake to swallow them. additionally , having to exchange them professionally will incur some costs. that is the price you pay to form it last and to be safe for several weeks!
4 mistakes you ought to never make if your cat claws on the sofa:
Don’t be violent
A cat that scratches doesn’t roll in the hay to harass you. He’s simply responding to his instincts and can not help himself! So there is no got to scold, scare, isolate or, worse still, hit him. Violence towards a pet has no educational value. within the end, it’ll only stress him and break your bond of trust. But a cat that’s stressed or afraid can start biting or scratching even more. this would possibly not solve anything and should actually make the negative behaviour worse!

Don’t use an automatic air sprayer
This can stress your pet and increase scratching as a result.

Beware of commercial repellent sprays
Artificial repellents can sometimes work. However, many cats will then urinate on the sofa to mask the unpleasant smell.

Declawing isn’t an answer
It should be remembered that declawing (or onyxectomy) is fortunately prohibited in France and in 22 other countries. This amputation causes, among other things, health problems (infections, lifelong pain, etc.), walking difficulties and balance problems. Defenceless, unable to hunt and climb, the cat can also start biting to defend itself. So beware if you adopt an animal from abroad!

If the matter persists, consider consulting a cat behaviorist or a veterinarian. this may allow you to raised understand the behavior and find an answer.

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