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How to repair a broken nail?

Dragging around a broken nail may be a misery. It sticks everywhere and it quickly becomes unbearable. And in fact , you regret having to chop it and find yourself with a shorter nail than the others while it grows back. additionally , it can take an extended time and if you do not lookout of your damaged nails, they always find yourself splitting again and remain brittle. Also, always remember to use a natural or chemical-based nail hardener to the ideas of brittle nails to harden them and keep them flawless. As for your broken nail, it doesn’t take much to repair it. Just take a tea bag and you will have beautiful natural nails!

To repair a broken nail, get :
A tea bag
A pair of scissors
Nail glue or clear nail enamel
Nail polish
How do I make it?
1) First of all, cut a bit of the tea bag the dimensions of your broken nail. alittle square will do!

2) Then apply a layer of nail glue (or clear varnish) to your broken nail. Let it dry.

3) Apply a second layer of glue and apply the bag piece.

4) Apply a replacement layer of glue. Remove any air bubbles with the toothpick.

5) When the glue is dry, gently file the nail surface.

6) Repeat the method with another piece of the tea bag.

And that’s the way to repair a broken nail! you’ll now proceed to use nail enamel or nail art as if it had never been broken, all without applying false nails. Applying coloured nail enamel or clear top coat type nail enamel also will even out the nail and add shine. Neither seen nor known 😉


To avoid having to repair a broken nail, however, make certain to avoid damaging them! in fact , bitten nails are those which will become more fragile. you ought to therefore stop biting them. However, to stay your nails healthy, remember to always file them within the same direction with an honest nail file. And to stay your nails long and well-groomed, lookout of your diet too! additionally , for the sweetness of your nails also as your hands, remember to use a moisturising cream daily and to softly keep off the cuticles. Finally, within the event of a possible mycosis of the nails of the hands and feet, don’t leave it lying around. this might prevent money on appointments together with your nail technician.

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