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Cellulite: the powerful recipe for firming topping

Before the 1920s and 1930s, cellulite as we all know it didn’t exist and therefore the term mentioned an infectious inflammation! it had been only after the work of Dr. Louis Alquier and therefore the evolution of women’s fashion, which uncovered more of the skin, that it began to become a drag because it became more visible. The women’s press added its grain of salt by increasing women’s guilt about not having the ability to possess a smooth and lean body and by multiplying their complexes and here we are today with cellulite which has become the amount one enemy of bikini bodies albeit this phenomenon is common, normal and still too poorly understood.

If, despite these explanations, you continue to have a posh about your cellulite, don’t concede to the siren calls of selling boasting the merits of pseudo-miracle creams made up of petrochemicals! we’ve a natural skin care product for you to assist firm your skin and lookout of it with real good ingredients. The key to healthy, beautiful skin is to massage and apply regularly!

What you need:
65 g of shea butter
35 g of ivy oil macerate: 35 g
30 drops of cypress volatile oil
20 drops of geranium bourbon or rosewood essential oil: 20 drops
8 drops of vitamin E
Airtight jar
The ingredients are often purchased in organic shops, herbalists or online. Note that essential oils aren’t recommended for pregnant women, children, epileptics and asthmatics for a few .

1) Put the shea butter during a bowl and soften it a touch by crushing it.

2) With an electrical whisk or a mixer, beat it for 4 to five minutes. this is often the step which will give your product its smoothness.

3) Then add the last ingredients, not forgetting the vitamin E which can keep the merchandise fresh for up to six months! Whisk again thoroughly.

4) Pour the firming topping into your jar and it’s ready!

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