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4 natural tips to guard yourself from ticks

The pathogens in tick bites can cause Lyme borreliosis (also referred to as Lyme disease) then to erythema migrans. within the event of an infected tick bite or a suspicious red patch, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible so as to receive antibiotic treatment, which can prevent further damage to the organs and systema nervosum , like joint pain. so as to avoid of these problems, however, you’ll end up limiting and dreading off-trail hikes within the high wet grass and outdoor picnics. But don’t deprive yourself! There are many preventive measures to guard yourself from infected tick bites.

Be careful to not adopt the incorrect reflexes!
In case of a tick bite, avoid dangerous remedies like soap or oil. the utilization of a tick remover or tweezers to be turned slowly during a clockwise direction until the parasite is extracted, followed by careful disinfection of the skin bite, will suffice and is painless. So always have this sort of hook available, both for removing a tick from your pets and from yourself. Then consult for suitable antibiotics.

1) lookout of your garden to repel this mite
Unfortunately, these infectious mites don’t just hide within the undergrowth or forests. In fact, a tick bite is 29% more likely to occur privately parks or gardens. So if you’ve got a garden, take precautions:

-Unkempt plots of land (dead leaves, scrub, tall grass, bushy trees, etc.) are very hospitable to those undesirable vectors of infectious diseases. it’s therefore necessary to mow the lawn regularly. Outside the bird nesting period (from 15 March to 31 July), remember to trim hedges and prune trees.
-Adopt insectivorous birds like hens and guinea in your outdoor area to eat ticks. Control rodents (field mice, mice… they often carry ticks).
-Instead of insecticides, plant natural repellents whose smell will repel these pests. This includes garlic, aromatic herbs (lemon balm, mint, bay leaves and rosemary) and certain flowers (lemon geranium, wormwood and chrysanthemums). Other plants should be avoided and should attract them, especially broom!

You should also contact your vet to make sure that your pets (dogs and cats) are properly protected.

2) Wear adequate clothing to guard yourself from ticks
Wearing long clothes with long sleeves isn’t very pleasant. However, trousers tucked into socks and closed shoes will make sure that ticks are less likely to hold close your lower limbs while you’re out walking. Light-coloured clothing is additionally preferable, as ticks are often easily spotted thereon . Finally, it’ll be harder for ticks to bite you if you’ve got a towel to take a seat on once you take a nap in nature or continue a picnic. However, wearing light-coloured trousers shouldn’t prevent you from doing a radical inspection of the entire family (including your dog’s coat!) once you get home. do not forget the folds, armpits, abdomen, back or scalp which can even have a rash or a bloody tick.

3) Vinegar
White vinegar may be a very effective natural repellent thanks to its very unpleasant smell. If you’re walking during a forest , dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 150 ml of water and spray it on yourself and your clothes. this may keep the ticks away! you’ll also make a repellent spray from vinegar and dried plants (lavender, sage, thyme and rosemary). However, if you’re camping or hiking during a forest or a high-risk region, a repellent supported permethrin, icaridin or DEET will have a extended effectiveness time for more peace of mind. Spray on your clothes and equipment (backpack, bag , tent, screen , etc.) for a secure time in nature.

4) Citrus fruits to guard against ticks
Citrus fruits have the advantage of smelling far better than vinegar, and in fact they work even as well! Take lemon rind or orange rind and boil it in water. Let it steep well before straining the mixture. you’ll spray it on yourself or your belongings before going bent prevent ticks and tick-borne diseases!

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