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4 natural remedies to scale back stretch marks

Caused by hormonal changes (pregnancy, puberty, etc.), weight loss or rapid weight gain, diseases of the adrenal glands or the taking of certain medications, these small unsightly striations that appear as if scars are actually an easy tear within the elastic and collagen fibres within the dermis. most frequently , stretch marks are purplish or pink at the start before becoming pearly white… and becoming more permanent! We then think that it’ll be impossible to form them disappear without a special cream, a peel, microdermabrasion or laser at the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon . However, there are a couple of belongings you can do to scale back stretch marks and stop them from deciding on your stomach, thighs or buttocks.

You won’t find a miracle solution during this article, but you’ll find a couple of natural secrets to fade them!

1) Adapt your diet and lifestyle
Beware of everything that’s bad for the skin. this is often particularly true of alcohol consumption, food and tobacco, which promote premature ageing of the epidermis. The golden rule is that good hydration is crucial for supple and healthy skin. additionally , take care of your diet with foods rich in vitamin A (fruit and orange vegetables), vitamin B5 (lean meat, milk, etc.), vitamin C (kiwi, crucifers, citrus fruits, parsley, etc.) and vitamin E (avocado, etc.). Above all, don’t ignore omega 3 and 6, which are excellent for the skin’s elasticity. and eventually , determine about foods that provide silicon (carrots, tomatoes, etc.) and copper (almonds, edible fruit , etc.).

2) Good natural remedies to scale back stretch marks
Moisturising your skin daily with an anti-stretch mark product not only helps prevent the looks of stretch marks (especially during pregnancy and after giving birth), but also reduces them. Ideally, use your product twice each day (morning and evening) and if possible after showering, when the skin absorbs the care best. And take the time to massage the skin well to form them penetrate effectively. you’ll use :

-Rosehip oil: Rich in vitamins E and A, it cares for the skin’s elasticity, regenerates it and ensures it heals properly, and promotes collagen production.
-Other oils to nourish the skin like almond oil, argan oil or jojoba oil which can also soothe tightness and irritation.
-Aloe vera gel, which fights both ingrained white stretch marks and therefore the appearance of latest skin cracks because of its anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerative properties.
-The nourishing massage with shea butter or cocoa butter.

3) The recipe for anti-stretch mark care with horsetail
Rich in silicon, horsetail may be a regenerating plant that helps to erase stretch marks. to form your own massage oil, use 100 g of plant (to be bought during a herbalist’s shop) for one litre of 40° alcohol and a couple of drops of juice . Leave to macerate for a month in an airtight bottle, then dilute the mixture with 500 litres of water.

4) Other anti-stretch mark solutions… within the kitchen!
Head to the kitchen cupboards to seek out certain foods to use to the skin to fight stretch marks! this is often particularly true of carrots. To use it, steam one, then puree it. Once cooled, apply it to the areas to be treated as a mask and leave for half-hour . Another mask are often made with a thick cream texture by mashing avocado with honey and lemon. you’ll eat it! Last tip, this point for hard-to-treat stretch marks: peel 5 beets, 5 peaches and a carrot. Then mix the peach and beet skins with the core of the carrot. you’ll obtain an ointment to be applied on to the installed striae. Smooth peach skin guaranteed!

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