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Go to sleep at exactly this time to feel rested when you wake up.



How should we sleep to rest properly? This question has haunted our heads at some point in our lives, mainly when we wake up and feel as if we have been beaten up. Well, science seems to have come up with an answer, and that is, instead of thinking about how many hours we sleep, working with sleep cycles could be the key to getting a fantastic night’s rest.

As we already know, all doctors generally recommend that we sleep between 7-9 hours in order to provide the rest our body needs.

However, in most cases, despite the fact that we sleep an average of 7.5 hours, our quality of sleep is very poor, so it is not uncommon for us not to wake up rested.

Could it be that our effort to sleep a fixed amount of hours is a mistake? As suggested in ‘The Telegraph’, “we should forget about counting the hours we devote to our sleep. Instead, we should start thinking about how we sleep depending on the sleep cycles we achieve”.

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