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6 Makeup mistakes that age us


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Makeup gives us confidence and helps us to emphasize our strengths and to show a well-groomed skin while hiding, eventually, some small defects. But sometimes, when used incorrectly, it can have the opposite effect, and mark imperfections that we were trying to correct, or even make us look older.

Each of us has surely already made these mistakes. With the years, we learn to use products that are adapted to our needs and our skin. newdiscoover.com saves you time by revealing the ten most common mistakes.

1 Too much foundation

Many girls, wanting to achieve a perfect matte skin effect, use too much cosmetics. Too thick a layer and the wrong shade can accentuate your wrinkles and age you. Professional makeup artists recommend using light, liquid foundations with shimmering particles that will give your skin a healthier, more natural look.

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