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6 Effective Tips to Keep Cats Away Easily.



Are you tired of stray cats urinating in your yard?
Here are 6 effective tips to make them leave quickly!
But of course without hurting them :-).
With these tips, the cats will not stay long and will not come back to relieve themselves in your garden.

  1. White vinegar
    Fill a spray bottle with pure white vinegar.

And spray where you don’t want them to go.

Then spray every day for a week to soak the surfaces where they like to relieve themselves.

After that, reapply occasionally to keep the smell going.

Cats hate the smell of vinegar, they will leave quickly.

  1. Mustard
    In addition to vinegar, you can also add 2 tablespoons of strong mustard to the spray bottle.

Simple and even more effective.

  1. Orange
    Take some orange peel and cut it into small pieces.

Sprinkle it regularly all over the garden.

Focus on the entry points that cats use to sneak into your home, and the areas where they relieve themselves.

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