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Get rid of your Blackheads with my Homemade Patches!



Blackheads are pretty unsightly. Since I dream of perfect skin, I make my own blackhead patches. In magazines, on TV, on posters, they all have perfect skin. Of course, we all know about the retouching done by computer to hide flaws. Instead of dreaming of looking like them, I have a foolproof trick for clear, smooth and blemish-free skin.

Massive destruction of impurities To eliminate blackheads, there are several solutions. Exfoliating is one of them, when done once a week. I remind you that blackheads are created by an excess of sebum that gets stuck in the pores. Soap, creams and other products applied to the face encourage the appearance of sebum and therefore blackheads. The patches sold in supermarkets are very effective, but they are a bit expensive. So I suggest you make your own. The patch is a kind of tape that sticks when it dries on the skin. By removing it like a film, you can remove blackheads at the same time. Ingredients
Homemade patches are also made with culinary ingredients. I need :

  • milk
  • 2 sheets of gelatine to create the patch texture
  • a brush
  • a container that can be put in the microwave
    A clean face, pores wide open
    Before applying the patch, it is necessary to prepare your face. Otherwise, the patch will not work very well.
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