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Once You know This, You’ll Never Want To Eat Strawberries Without a Salt Bath Again


In summer we love to enjoy a handful of fresh strawberries, but now we see the sweet fruit with completely different eyes. On social media, we see people fanatically dipping their strawberries in a container of salt water. And the reason is less appetising than you might expect….

Every now and then we all find a bug in our fruit bowl, but the inside of our fruit can also contain insects. We saw this in a TikTok video where a woman dips her strawberries in salt water. After the strawberries have been in the water for a while, tiny worms crawl out of the fruit. And you would normally eat them!

Water and salt
Many people rinse their fruit under running water before taking a bite. But to make sure the strawberries are clean on the inside, it takes a little more effort. To remove worms and other insects from the fruit, you should fill a bowl with water and add salt. When the salt has dissolved, you can then immerse the strawberries in the water and let them soak for one minute to half an hour. Worms and other small insects will then crawl out of the strawberries into the salt bath.

There are numerous videos of people who have tried this experiment themselves on social media. The result is often the same: if you prefer not to eat insects with the strawberries, you’d better put them in a salt bath first. Many people have already discovered in this way that quite unappetising critters dwell in strawberries.

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