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What can happen to your body if you start sleeping without a pillow?


The first known pillows date back to ancient Mesopotamia. They were made of stone, and only rich people could afford them. Unlike those ancient pillows, the pillows we use today are soft and fluffy, and many people can’t sleep without hugging a large, cozy pillow in their arms. But in reality, sleeping with a pillow may not be the best way to rest, as it can negatively affect your body and your mood.

At newdiscoover, we understand that it can be hard to part with your favorite pillow, but sleeping without it offers many health benefits, and we’ve done some research to introduce you to some of them.

  • It can help you avoid back pain
    Many pillows can lead to an unnatural sleeping position and the support they provide does not last long. Although the pillow itself doesn’t hurt your back, it can aggravate several underlying symptoms. Conversely, when you sleep without a pillow, your spine can rest and your body remains in its natural position.
  • 2. This can help you manage neck pain.
    Most pillows don’t allow you to sleep in the right position, and can even make sleeping postures worse. Bending your neck in any way for a long time will cause discomfort, and a pillow that is too firm or too soft can cause neck pain.

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